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"I had the opportunity to sample many of the dips from A Little Dip Will Do Ya and I must say they were exceptional. Not only did they compliment pretzels and chips but I found myself using the lemon dill dip as a spread on whitefish before placing the fillet under the broiler. The end result once the fish was complete added a delightful flavor to the fillet and the golden color of my dish was exceptional. I have since added this to our menu and have received many compliments from our members. Try the sweeter dips in desserts and for those of you who do not use dairy products try using the soy mayonnaise and soy sour cream as a substitute you will be surprised of the flavor of these products."
Scott Cummings
General Manager
Executive Chef
Franklin Hills Country Club

We entertained over the holidays and I made the vegetable dip for our guests. It was absolutely delicious and so easy to make. My guests could not believe that I had made it since I am not known for my cooking skills. Can't wait to make the other dips."

"I love all of the dips from A Little Dip Will Do Ya, and I must say they are so good that I enjoyed every bite. I found myself using the dips with Tostitos chips, pretzels and more. I also invited the owner to do a demonstration at my job so everyone could have the opportunity to sample all the different flavors of dips. Everyone enjoyed it and they all purchased a variety of dips for different occasions such as holidays, parties etc... I really enjoy all of the dips, but my favorites are the spicy ones. I'm so excited to have A Little Dip Will Do Ya at my Bridal Shower that's coming up June 7, 2009. The dips and chillers are going to be the centerpieces of my tables. I can't wait!"
Kim Davis
Corporate Receptionist
Young Supply Company

"After sampling many flavors, I was very impressed. Just prior to Superbowl weekend, I brought samples into work for my co-workers to try. They were a big success and many of them also bought dips."
Rosemary L. Aurand

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